Litter E


Kittens born 21.03.2010 year, tree boys.
They have a magical names: Epsilon, Eridani, Eparist. Epsilon - is the star closest to earth which has a planet, the most important of these planets is called Eridani. Eparist is a shortened version of the word - Eparistera, which means: " to my left ". It is derived from occult works Liber XXV: Ruby Star.




CH Harlock CybeRex*IT (Enzo),  n 02 32
CH Carrera Dominodevon*PL (Zula),  n 31


Kittens from the litter E already found new homes.





Epsilon Szmaragdowa Igła *PL,   DRX n 03 32


Eridani Szmaragdowa Igła *PL,  DRX n 03 32


Eparist Szmaragdowa Igła *PL,  DRX n 03 32




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    Purpose and passion of our cattery is is to breed cats healthy, well-socialized
     and extreme in type.

    We specialize in color variation - COLORPOINT.


    COLOURPOINT - POINTED PATTERN: Color (black, blue, red ....) is visible on mask (face), ears, legs, tail. Body color lighter. Contrast between points and body must be evident.

     Distinguish three varieties of Colorpoint, they differ among themselves  the intensity contrast between pointed patern and body:


    SIAMES POINTED: contrast between  points and body color is very strong.


    TONKINESE POINTED mask, ears, legs and tail are densely market, but merging gently into body colour.  Strength of contrast is average.


    BURMES POINTED: The colour of the poins is the same as the body colour. The points show a little contrast, but their colour should be slightly visible.